• User-Centered Design and Development

  • Graphic and Interaction Design Services

  • Hardware Sales and Integration for Interactive Solutions

  • Enhancing Museum Experiences with Interactivity


An Immersive Developer is a specialist in creating highly engaging and interactive environments, focusing particularly on developing immersive rooms and interactive experiences. They utilize a blend of technology, creativity, and user-centric design principles to craft spaces and applications that transport users into different worlds, whether for entertainment, education, or experiential marketing.

What services do you provide in Key Account Management for the media industry and immersive technologies?

We offer strategic management and consulting for key clients in the media industry, specializing in immersive and interactive solutions. 

How can your Key Account Management service benefit my business?

We provide a tailored approach to maximize the effectiveness of your media campaigns and initiatives, integrating immersive technologies to better engage your audience.

What types of interactive technologies do you develop?

We develop custom solutions including Extended Reality (XR), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and both touch and touchless applications.

How can these interactive technologies enhance my business?

Our interactive technologies offer engaging and memorable experiences that can enhance customer engagement, staff training, and marketing effectiveness.

What types of Machine Learning-based apps do you offer?

We create custom apps that use machine learning for data analysis, trend forecasting, user personalization, and process optimization.

In which sectors can your Machine Learning-based apps be applied?

Our apps are versatile and can be employed across various sectors, including retail, culture, automotive, and more.

How is it possible to introduce in a project the interactivity?

We utilize these advanced sensors to create intuitive and immersive user interfaces. 

Can I request a customized solution that includes specific types of sensors?

Absolutely. We are experts in integrating various types of sensors to suit the specific needs of your project.

What kind of immersive experiences do you offer?

We offer immersive rooms, custom augmented/virtual reality experiences, interactive floors, interactive tables, and 360 video production for events, exhibitions, and marketing campaigns.

Can I customize an immersive experience for my company or event?

Definitely. We work closely with clients to develop immersive experiences that reflect their vision and objectives.

Do you develop custom web apps?

Yes, we develop custom web apps, from solutions based on existing databases to projects built from scratch. 

What are the benefits of your web apps?

Our web apps offer high performance, are easily scalable, and have a modern, responsive user interface.

What kind of services do you provide in video mapping on buildings?

We provide customized video mapping services to transform building facades into stunning visual displays for events, advertising, and artistic installations.

Is it possible to have a custom video mapping project for a specific event?

Yes, we work with clients to create unique video mapping projections that perfectly fit the event and architectural context.

What is your approach to user-centered design processes?

Our user-centered design process prioritizes the needs and preferences of the end-user at every stage. We conduct thorough research and usability testing to ensure our solutions are intuitive, accessible, and provide a seamless user experience.

Do you also provide graphic and interaction design services?

Absolutely. Our team includes skilled graphic designers and interaction specialists who focus on creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for all our digital solutions.

How do you balance aesthetic appeal and functionality in your designs?

We believe in creating designs that are both aesthetically compelling and functionally robust. Our team works to ensure that every visual element supports an intuitive and effective user interaction.

Do you also handle hardware sales for your interactive solutions?

Yes, we provide comprehensive services that include the sale and integration of hardware necessary for our interactive and immersive technology solutions.

How do you select the right hardware for a project?

We assess the specific needs of each project and recommend hardware that optimizes performance, reliability, and user experience. Our expertise in various technologies ensures that you get the best hardware fit for your solution.

How can interactivity enhance museum experiences?

Interactivity transforms traditional museum experiences by making them more engaging, educational, and memorable. Interactive displays, AR experiences, and immersive environments can bring exhibits to life, offering visitors a more dynamic and personalized way to engage with art, history, and culture.

Do you provide custom interactive solutions for museums?

Yes, we specialize in creating custom interactive solutions tailored to the unique theme and narrative of each museum. Our goal is to enhance the educational and aesthetic value of museum exhibits through innovative technology.